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    Unanswered: update stats and backup

    hi guys,
    is it ok to run update all statistics on all databases and at the same time the backup is running? thanks guys..

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    I've not tried myself but, as an informated guess, I think is acceptable for these reasons: UPDATE STATISTICS doesn't generate much log by itself, so it does not risk exhausting the transaction log and wont raise too much the cost of the last phases of the dump. But be aware that some statistics may not be properly stored in the dump. The concern is not with some tables and indexes having their old statistics, but with some having inconsistent statistics. When the dump is loaded, those faulty statistics may drive to poor performant queries. IMHO, if there is no maintenance window for both the dump and statistics, this risk is worth taking; I am presuming than loading the dump will be done very infrequently.

    BTW, UPDATE ALL STATISTICS is quite costly and often does add much. UPDATE STATISTICS is usually better.

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    As far as performance goes it might not be a problem. But it is wiser to run update statistics first and then backup your database. That way you have a consistent and up to date database in your dump.
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    Thank you guys for the informations. It did really gives me an idea well.

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