Please I need help and been trying for long time with little knowledge about VBA but eager to learn more. The situation is as following in MS Access 2007.

Have form there I can choose a team and then click a button to present the team and records is saved in a table and filter throw a query and the result shown on a report and I need to find out the way to present who is the captain in the team and here are some pseudo code

Beteckning is a Textbox on the form.

In Private Sub Report_Open

For Each Beteckning.Value In Beteckning
If Beteckning.Value = "Kapten" Then
Me.picKapten.Visible = True

Me.picKapten.Visible = false
End If

End Sub

I do not get the code throw the debugging and give me errors and therefore I asking someone help me.

Thank you in advance and wish you a nice day,