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    Unanswered: DLookup Function on Access 2010 suggestions and comments

    Hi everyone
    I would like to have a lookup function where each question will appear and it answers/options matches to the question so that the data entry clerk can just select it from drop down menu/form. I think DLookup Function will be perfect. Your suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

    Please find attached Schema and a form
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails dlookupfuction.png  

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    A possible solution - For each question have a combo box that will display the options for the user to select the relevant answer/option etc.

    You will need one table with the following fields one for the question number another field for the answer/options. Note, for each question number you will have one or more options.

    Now for each combo box you will need to use the table as a record source with the criteria set to the question number e.g. for question 1 the criteria will be 1, 2 for question 2 etc.

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    HI Poppa,

    Thanks so much for suggestions, I will come back if I need more help. Once again suggestions much appreciated

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