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Thread: MariaDB?

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    Unanswered: MariaDB?

    Hi guys,

    I was looking into a new DB server for a client project and read up on MariaDB. I'm surprised by the few mentions (or I will be surprised at my lack of resourcefulness in locating any mentions!) of MariaDB in this forum?

    I see that Wikipedia hopes to have their entire english production instance migrated to MariaDB by the end of the year, so I assume that it's a quality open source platform!

    My questions:

    Why is MariaDB not a significant part of this forum?
    Are there any dangers to using MariaDB as a platform that I am missing?


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    MariaDB is a fork of MySQL. A relatively new fork at that (<1year).

    What this means is that they took the existing MySQL codebase and decided to go a different direction with it.

    MySQL was heading one way (Sun's way) and the creators of MariaDB (which include the founder/creator of MySQL) decided that they wanted it to go another.

    So at this early stage, the two products are practically comparable AFAIK.
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    DBForums actually had a MariaDB for a while, several years ago. gvee was out traipsing around at that time, so he didn't notice! The forum existed for several months, and I was the only person that ever posted a message in it!

    The discussion about creating the MariaDB forum was short lived, but it is here. If there is interest in MariaDB, I'd gladly recreate the forum but I'm not going to just leave an empty forum around... That looks shabby!

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