Devart is proud to present online SQL formatter with more than 90 options that allow users to customize the formatting and get the exact SQL code they need. Also, all the formatting options are available for free in SQL Complete Professional Edition.

New SQL Server formatter provides following main features:

  • The best range of formatting options

    Various options make formatting more flexible and the resulting document will look exactly as a user want. Examples are provided for each option so that the effect of applying the option can be viewed.

  • Syntax highlighting

    All reserved words are highlighted.

  • Syntax check

    Errors encountered in code are underlined. Explanation of errors and their exact location is also displayed in the tool.

  • Loading files to format

    SQL code formatting was made even easier with the capability to load files with a code directly from a computer without copying and pasting it into the formatter manually.


Formatting functionality is available for free at Online SQL Formatter.
Besides, users can get many other useful code writing and formatting features in SQL Complete.

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