Greetings, I am trying to email using Access and Outlook 2007 a form with 8 questions and my success rate in getting those responses to update automatically in Access is about 50%. The email is generated from a query containing fields from two tables. Actually just the email field is being used from the one table which has the contact info from the participants; the other table has the fields I need data for. I've added the participants to my safe senders list in Outlook and following the wizard in Access seems very straight forward, yet I can't find the reason why some data is received and does not import. When sending the email I add myself to the TO: email field and add everyone else to the BCC field.

If I right click on the received email and go to "export data to microsoft office" a pop up says, Cannot export item due to errors, Failure: [field] : item not found in this collection.

It's the same field that 'fails' for each failed email yet I don't see any anomaly with this field, it is a number field as the other ones are in the query with no special conditions.

Has anyone a possible solution to this puzzle?
Many thanks in advance!