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Thread: Subform crash

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    Unanswered: Subform crash

    Hello everyone,

    I'm in internship and I try to do a form from a lot of queries and tables in a company to summarize all datas.

    So I create a main form and I add some subforms, one in each tab of my main form. All subforms is linked to same field in the mainform and when a choice is do in the combobox, subforms are refreshed.

    The problem : The first subform works, but the other ones don't work. It's always the same thing "running query, then calculating..."non stop. I see the good information in the subform but after that I don't have the choice to type escape or control+C to stop. And I lost all in the forms (expect in the first).

    If I just run the queries, I have no problem.

    However I had the feeling, that subforms (the others than the first) crash only when the first one is not empty.

    So I don't know why it's crashing when I choice in combobox.
    Have you got an idea ?
    Can we request to stop the query at a moment ? because we have the good result at a moment...

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    Don't use a tab control with several subforms. Create a single subform/subreport control and use its SourceObject property to dynamically load the desired subform into it.
    Have a nice day!

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    Thanks, I will try for that.
    Have a good weekend !

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