Devart Team is proud to announce the new release of Code Compare 3.0 with the tool's performance boost and a host of usability improvements.

The new greatly updated version of Code Compare software allows users to merge and compare files even more easily and quickly. Now Devart's Code Compare tool contains improved folder synchronization and Code Compare options customization. Furthermore, this file diff tool can now be integrated with Atmel Studio.

2x Faster Application Startup

New program largely differs from the latest version with the increased startup speed standalone application start is now two times faster. Even opening a file comparison document in Visual Studio is two times faster too. Besides, moving to a new scheme of registering extensions in Visual Studio has contributed to considerable acceleration of the first environment start after installing Code Compare.

Light Text Comparison Interface

Our developers has simplified the text comparison interface of Code Compare 3.0 making it more self-explanatory and user-friendly. Now practically all elements of this diff and merge tool's interface have their own function. That made it easier for users to focus on what is essential i.e. on the difference in text of the files.

XML Structure Comparison

This new feature of Code Compare tool allows users to compare and merge well-formed XML files taking into account their structure. Software correlates XML elements and thus makes it easier to detect their movement, deletion and addition in the document text.
This may come in handy, in particular, when comparing XAML files, Visual Studio project files and MS Build XML projects.

New Folder Comparison

New version of Code Compare tool offers the following new features for folder comparison making it ever better than before:
  • Speedup. The speed of directory comparison has increased by 40%.

  • Changes Navigation. Commands for navigation through changes have been implemented.

  • Group Selection Commands. Commands for multiple files selection by the type of change have been added.

  • Files Copying to User-Defined Folders. The possibility to copy the selected files to a user-defined directory has been added.

  • Synchronization Split From Copying. The concepts of copying files and synchronizing directories have been split. From now on the user manages the process of changes moving in a more accurate way.

  • Read-Only Files Overwriting. The possibility to overwrite read-only files during copying has been added.

  • New Appearance. Extra "chrome" has been removed from the comparison document.

  • Rearranged Menu. The comparison document pop-up menu has been rearranged.

Comparison Options Setup Improved

The settings storage for the standalone Code Compare application and Visual Studio add-in has been joined for more convenient use releaving developers of the need to set the same option twice.
Furthermore, program product has got rid of the so-called "local options" for the comparison document and all the required settings has been moved to the main menu. This will allow avoiding confusion when setting up a comparison.

Visual Studio 2008 Support Discontinued

Support of Visual Studio 2008 in Code Compare 3.0 has been discontinued. This allows users to give up using an obsolete API for change visualization in the text comparison.

For Visual Studio 2008 users Code Compare 2.80 has been kept available for download from Devart website.

Code Compare 3.0 is a free tool for efficient code comparison and merge. Software is available for immediate download at tool's page.
Code Compare Pro price starts at just $49,95. Code Compare Pro 3.0 is available for purchase at product's ordering page.

All the users' comments posted on the Feedback page help us improve our products and are much appreciated.

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