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    Unanswered: Run an autoexec macro even when a database opens in protected view

    I new to VBA. I wrote some codes, with help of the forum and the internet, to track all the users entering a database. For this I made a form which creates a new record as soon as I open the database and logs it in a table. I used an Autoexec macro to open the form on opening the database. The database is in a shared network drive. It works perfectly when I try it, but when someone else tries it for the first time, it opens in protected mode and does not create a new record. When they enable content, it works fine later.

    We don’t want people to be able to enter the database without their name logged. Can I do anything to run that Autoexec macro even when the file is in protected mode? Or anything else I can do? Please suggest.


    Edit: I am using Access 2010.
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