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    I have one form with multiple combo boxes that are querying one query. The combo boxes have a blank value at the top, which I want to use to "run all" for that combo box when selected. The aim is to be able to set the criteria through these combo boxes with multiple possibilities based on which combo boxes are left blank, and which have selected a value.

    I'm pretty desperate at this point I've tried pretty much everything from IIF with ISNULL and other variations including Nz, and nothing has worked; it ends up showing no values at all, or will work if a value in the combo box is selected. I would be sooo grateful if someone can come up with a solution for me. It's been a couple of days trying to figure this out.


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    if there are a series of parameterrs which are independent and some may not be present then you are probably better off writign a query tot he querydefs collection
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    Thanks, I found the solution. It was to use Like Nz(forms!comboox!, "*") Or [forms!combobox!]

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