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    Unanswered: multiple tables

    Hello Everyone

    It's really nice knowiing that there are so many help forums availible for noobs like my self. Here is my problem, i have 4 tables with the same field names(surename,address,zip,phone and county). what i want to do is use one of the tables to add multiple values in the other 3. I tried using the Append Query but that was to confusing because it only ask for 1 destination table to append to, and i need it to append to 3. I tried the( union all method) using sql and still was unable to do it. Can someone help me out , so i can finally bet this?

    Thanks alot The Bobster!

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    same,or similar data should be stored in a single table
    storing the same data in more than one table violates one of the key principles of relational db design. it may seem a pain but do yourself a favour re design the system so that one piece of information is only stored once

    if for no other reason how do you knwo which table has the right information. which ros has the correct address / name / whatever

    if you must go down this road to madness, then you need some form trigger to update the tables
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    thanks im just going to redo my database. im pretty sure i will be asking for your help in the near future.


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