Hello Everyone

I am new to Crystal, I have been using it for the past 4 months during work experience at a small firm. I have had great success developing reports to be displayed on SAPs mobile platform (IPAD) using Crystal Reports. I feel I am getting a really good grasp of how it works. However for the past week I have been stumped with one report.

I only work one day a week so it's difficult for me to really try to problem solve / research without looking really inefficient.

Basically I am trying to pull a text field (Dscription) from a table (RDR1) so that I can generate a report that shows sales orders and relevant information. The primary key i thought was shared with RDR1 and ORDR is (DocEntry) however I continue to get duplicate records. I have tried every trick possible included a formula to suppress duplicates summarizing distinct records which gave me the exact total number of records (e.g. 66 instead of 160) and the correct description however I couldn't figure out how to sum distinct records as there was already a formula in place for totals, and I figured there must be a simpler way.

I figure its the link, I found a SAP pdf that showed relations of tables and it showed that (DocEntry) while sharing the same name are not actually related across the tables. If this is correct there must be no link between the tables

any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

in summary 3 tables (ORDR, OCRD both link perfectly) and (RDR1 that contains Dscription) linking RDR1 to either of them returns duplicates.

Sorry about the vague description I am out of office.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!