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    Need few guidelines before starting a new database


    I am going to create a simple payroll system for my office Accounts Section.

    (I decide to create front end for in php and database in phpmyadmin, as i am a student, not an expert)

    I create tables for; 1) employee personal information 2) basic salary alongwith allowances 3) deductions from salary (tax etc.)

    My question is, should i create only 3 tables to fulfill payroll requirement or i should create tables (more than 3) according to normalization.

    which is a good practice ??

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    Good practice involves understanding the situation before recommending a solution. I'm afraid I can't offer more based on the information you provided.

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    Here's a simple Payrolls Data Model

    I suggest you take a look at this Data Model for Payrolls on my Database Answers Web Site :-
    Payrolls Dezign Data Model

    It will help you clarify what the simplest design would be for your specific requirements.


    Barry Williams
    London, England

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