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    Database recommendations

    Hi All

    I want to create a database for someone I'm doing some freelancing for. She has many contacts but doesn't require a very complex database. I thought I'd ask for some advice as the only database I have used is Microsoft Access and that was quite some time ago. She wants a database which can be used in conjunction with mail chimp so that she can send out newsletters periodically (use mail merge for email). What are the options in terms of databases these days? I don't have Microsoft Access installed on my computer (only OneNote) and I don't think she has Microsoft Access either. Are there any good free databases, either available to download, or to use online which could be used with mail chimp (and queries created if necessary/list of contacts?) Also something that is not too technically complicated - something that is fairly straightforward to add fields too, etc.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Your topic has landed in a very little trafficked part of the forum. . .

    There is a part of the forum for New Members and you can ask for direction there.

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    I've moved this discussion thread to the New Members forum. That should get more appropriate responses than the MongoDB forum would have gotten!

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