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    Post Unanswered: How to attribute or revoke an object privilege on all the database to a IDS user's.

    Hello to all,
    i use IDS 11.0 and I just want to know how to attribute an object privilege (UPDATE, DELETE...) or to revoke it to a user.

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    grant connect to username;
    revoke connect from username;

    grant insert on ownername.tablename to username;
    revoke insert on ownername.tablename to username;


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    Thank you for your quick reply my dear Begooden-it.
    I was thinking about this:
    "grant DELETE on any table to user"
    " revoke DELETE on any table from user"
    How about it?

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    did you mean something like that?

    output to "revokepub.sql"
    without headings
    select "revoke all on ", -- Revoke all privileges
    trim(tabname) , -- Table name from systables
    "from public;"
    from systables , systabauth
    where systables.tabid = systabauth.tabid
    and grantee = "public" -- Select table names where public has privileges
    and grantor = USER -- Only revoke the ones you have privilege to revoke
    and systables.tabid > 99 -- Don't revoke the system table privileges

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