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    Unanswered: Is access right for me?


    I work for my dad in a small export company.
    Up until now we manage all data in excel, requiring seperate files for the shipments, sales, and accounting.
    It gets to around 10 files with unnecessary typing and lots of room for mistakes.
    I want to upgarde things and am wondering whether Access in good for these functions?
    If so I am planning on building the thing alone (without prior DB knowledge, but with a lynda account).
    I need to have flexibilty (splitting something that was bought once into multiple sales for example),
    prefferibly simultaneous work of a few people and the ability to print out invoices, reports and packing lists.

    Any advice would be very helpful!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Access is perfectly capable of doing the job. whether its suitable for you I dunno. And the reason I say that is that is Access is pretty easy to use, if you have little or no DB and/or development experience its very easy to get into a mess quickly. if you do decide to go down this route then do yourself a favour and get to grips with the fundamentals of DB design. in the relational DB world that means gettign to grisp with normalisation

    Fundamentals of Relational Database Design --
    The Relational Data Model, Normalisation and effective Database Design
    are tried and tested referenmces, theres plenty more out there.
    then get some understanding of how Access works BEFORE trying to develop anything AND before committing real world data to the application

    that same caveat applies to any development language or db product. if its a real world project which could have financial implications then don't attempt to design something until you have a good grounding. it doesn't matter if you use Access, Filemaker, SQLLite, a server product a scripting language a traditional compiled language.

    one thing I can guarantee using a spreadsheet ISN'T the right thing
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    Thanks for the quick answer, I'll go through this before starting.


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