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    Unanswered: How to do "one 2 many"?


    I'm getting myself confused with this. I don't always want many 2 many, but one 2 many. As mentioned in another post I have items that can be purchased. On the item form I want to show the contact name of the purchaser. On the contacts form I want to show a list of the items that a contact has purchased.

    This should be simple, but I can only do this using many to many. That now means that I can add multiple purchasers to an item which is just wrong and there appears to be no way of preventing this.

    Can anyone help? Am I missing something?


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    Hi Matty
    There is the "one way relation" check box in the properties dialog for MM field you could try.
    Some where in manual it mentions this and suggests it will speed up the database as BD has to only write the related records (record no's) in to the main form records (hidden unless you use record sets).
    You will see a check box (for a relation to another form) and a drop list with several combinations (4) when creating forms as well.

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