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    Unanswered: Database design question. Help me please, this report writing is my life?

    what type of question are you having?
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    Hey What problem ?? your title so seriuse

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    Quote Originally Posted by patric.jennifer View Post
    You are the Project Manager of a team of database designers working for a Facilities Management IT Company who will produce a database application for USA Travel. At the moment the department uses standard ER diagrams and normalisation techniques when designing any database systems. The Head of Department wants to invest in some tools to aid with database design and to consider using more advanced design techniques. The Head is also concerned about the security of the application.
    Write a report for your Head of Department that discusses:
    The advantages and disadvantages of using advanced techniques such as the Enhanced Entity Relationship (EER) model compared to the traditional approach of using standard ER diagrams and normalisation.
    Evaluates the Oracle Data Modeler and Designer tools.
    This section should discuss the tools and how they aide the development of a database system. Discuss what advantages and disadvantages such tools have.
    Reviews what database specific security issues could affect a database application.
    This section should give an overview of what problems could affect a database and what steps can be taken to prevent them.
    Include examples where appropriate, which should be based on the USA Travel scenario as far as possible.
    We are trying to figure out how we can help with your question. What do you need to understand?

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