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    I have been developing a database for a non-profit music organization.

    Having now imported all their Patron, Donor, and Ticket sale information, I would like to create a query to help their developing team locate frequent ticket buyers who have not been giving donations. I have the database organized in 3 tables, 1 with patrons (each with primary key), one with donations (linked by the patronsID field) and one with ticket sales (also linked to PatronID field).

    In creating the query, I have attempted to organize by PatronsID while creating a count >1 for PatronsID for ticket sales and <=1 for Donations (PatronsID). This has not been returning results even remotely close to what I intend. Does anybody have suggestions to make this query select my desired records? Thanks

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    Use the query designer. There is a wizard that will do what you want.
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