hi guys im currently stuck on a sql im trying to gather the winning bidder/
time bid and amount name etc..

and also the product owner name and time listing time expire start amount etc..

but im not understanding why im keep getting

non expire auction but the person that bidded..

$qry = "SELECT p.productID, p.productName, p.productDescription, p.productImage, p.productPrice, p.productDateAdded, p.productExpireDate, p.productOwner, u.userName, b.bidPrice, w.userName AS winner FROM products p, users u, bids b, users w WHERE p.productOwner = u.userID AND p.productID = b.productID AND p.productExpireDate > NOW() AND b.bidTime <= productExpireDate AND b.userID = w.userID";

anyone know what im doing wrong? >< or can help