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    Unanswered: Multiple Combo Box Search


    I need some help with creating a form for my database. I am new to access and data-basing and have done a week or so of crash course reading and practice. I was given an assignment to create a database for all the translations that are used with given products. I have multiple tables and one 'master table' that contains information such as the Product, Language, the String ID, English, and Current Translation.

    I want to use multiple combo boxes to update one combo box. These are my search criteria.

    Searchable by:
    a. Product (i.e. every string used in Merlin)
    b. Language (i.e. all Italian translations)
    c. string ID (i.e. all translations for “PRESSURE”)
    d. English text (i.e. all translations for “Low Tidal Volume”)
    e. Combination searches (i.e. all Italian translations for Merlin)

    I was able to search by one box (i.e. i pick the product and I filter the final combo box by that product. But i want to be able to use combination searches of different combo boxes)

    If this is not clear please ask. I will keep searching for solutions while I wait on responses.

    Thanks All!


    I have figured out my multiple combo box filter issue. Now I want to take the fields from the filtered combo box and place them into text boxes so that they can be edited and updated in the table which they were filtered from. So for example.....I filtered the Search by Product, Language, and English Term. This gives me results in my Last Combo Box, When i click on the Record I want a text box is generated with the 5th column of that record which is the current translation. I want to be able to update that current translation in the table if i decided to change the spelling or translation all together.
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