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    Unanswered: Pulling specific records for reports...

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a learn-on-your own person, so sorry for improper terminology here and there.

    I am creating a database to help me with the accounting for my department. I purchase items for a science department from a multitude of vendors, using several different payment methods, and a multitude of payment accounts, and the paperwork has become horrendous - multiple excel spreadsheets, entering the data 2 if not 3 or 4 I want to make one access database to do everything.

    I have all of my tables set up the way I need, I have the form for entering my orders created, it's all working. Now, I'm trying to make a report that will print out the information for one specific order. I'm hoping that I can do this both via the "order entry" form, using a "print me" control button, OR (in case I lose a copy or my printer vomits) by opening the report itself, and entering the primary key for the order.

    The tables and forms you need to know about to help me:

    The forms that I'm using are: [Order entry], which has a subform [Product details subform1]

    The tables:
    1) [Orders] is the list of orders, which has a composite key of [Vendor] and [Order number]. Also contains info like date the order was placed, account I'm using, blah blah.
    2) [Product details] is the running list of the products that I've purchased, which is tied in a one-to-many relationship with the composite key of [Orders]

    The report: "Visa form", which looks like a typical invoice - lists the information from [Orders] at the top, then the individual order's products beneath, with a subtotal after the itemized list.

    So...yeah. Kinda stuck, and I need a jumping off point at least. I could probably figure it out myself, but I've been working on this database for three days, I gotta finish it up and move on with the rest of my job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethg79 View Post

    ...Now, I'm trying to make a report that will print out the information for one specific order...
    See if this helps:

    Reports: Print only the current record to a report

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Linq,

    Thanks for this! So...if I tie this to to the control on the form, it will work when I enter the data on the form, but if I lose this printout, how can I pull the report back, say, a week later, and JUST use the information from that one order?

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    Ok, yeah...I didn't know that you could apply a filter from the report view of a report in access 2007, this is a new thing that I didn't have in my previous version of access (which is where I learned most of my stuff!). I"M SOLVED! WHOO HOO!!!!!!

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