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    Unanswered: add a new column to a table with conditions

    hi friends
    i want to add a column to a table with conditions below :
    1- it has a default value=0
    2- this column can get null value
    3- no constraint should be created

    is it possible ?

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    The short answer is yes, it can be created. The process depends on what version of SQL Server you are using, and may be influenced by the reasoning behind point #3.

    Give us some more information about your problem. It can definitely be solved, but the devil is in the details!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pooya1072 View Post
    3- no constraint should be created
    A default is a constraint.
    There is no reason to avoid using constraints. Why would you not be able to implement one in this scenario?
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    execute this cod
    alter (your table) add ( the colum) and execute it

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