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    Unanswered: Help needed to create \\simulation

    Best I describe what set up I have first before I explain what help I need.
    I have a simple network with 3 x computers running windows 7, and all my data stored on a Buffalo NAS which I'll refer to as \\TSSTB on the three computers (the network name of the NAS is obviously TSSTB).
    Each computer has a FE of the access 2003 database, the BE is on the NAS.
    This works great, as all 3 computers use the NAS for data storage / sharing.

    Here's what I'm after.

    I have a laptop where I have a copy of the FE of the database. I wish to be able to use the laptop to have a back up copy of the content of the NAS, so that I can experiment with changes without impacting the real live data. I don't want to buy another NAS to do this, is there any way I can refer to a folder on my laptop as, say, \\TSSTB so that my FE can read the BE data from the copy of the database ?

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    Assuming that the laptop doesn't have the same network mappings as the PCs that the users have, you could create a new partition and give it the required name.
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    Thanks for the reply. Not sure I follow about the partition solution.

    I would have thought for a laptop with computer name LAP-TOP, if I create a partition and call it G:/, then the route to it would be \\LAP-TOP\G

    What I really want to do is create a shared folder on my lap top and although it might actually be \\LAP-TOP\G , I would like the address \\TSSTB to re-direct to \\LAP-TOP\G.

    Is this possible ?

    You see, in all my macros in MS Access 2003, I refer to files on \\TSSTB (Buffalo drive) and in order to simulate on my lap top, I dont want to end up re-naming all the macros.


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