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    Question Unanswered: Button To Reset Combo Boxes?

    How Do I Make A Button To Reset The Fields Of My Combo Boxes?

    I Am Also Looking For A Way To Make A Button That Adds The Changes I Did In The Form And Can Apply A Time Stamp For When The Change Was Made
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    Depending on the data type and settings for the combo boxes, you can either set their values to Null or "".

    To apply a time stamp, use the Now() function.
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    I have 4 combo boxes in split form that have a section to update the table which is showed on the bottom half of the form. I want to make a button that will reset only the 4 combo boxes back to null values. did make a button and added some vba code for on click action. When i click the button it seems to reset the table too so that there is not information on the form and anything to filter from.

    Is there a way to make a null field in ur combo box so that it can be selected and the form/report/query will think that no selection has been made and ignore the value?


    Found out the code. Set combo boxes to Null and added Me.FilterOn = False.
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