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    Unanswered: Retrieve two values from one table into two fields

    Hi, I'm new to Access, now I'm stuck with this step, please help me out.

    I have to design a form to enter data for relationship of two groups. The form will have:
    - Group1, Group2
    - Fixed characteristics of each group no matter what relationship they are with.
    - Variable characteristics when the pair of groups changes.

    I have a table name tblGROUPs that has information about a single groups with their fixed characteristics.
    There are approximately 4000 groups, so I'll have millions of combinations. Then I create a combo box for Group1, Group2 to choose the suitble group from tblGROUPs. I want to save some time that whatever fixed characteristics of a new group entered into the form, it will go to tblGROUPs, and later, when I enter a group that already have fixed characteristics in tblGROUPs, the characteristics will automatically appear in the form.

    I used Dlookup but it can only retrieve the information for the 1st Group I enter, and copy that to the 2nd Group while the 2nd Group is different.

    Attached is the form, it has more fields than that, I just create the simple one.

    My database has 3tables:
    - tblDATA: has GROUP1, GROUP2, LEFT1, LEFT2, RIGHT1, RIGHT2, FINSUPPORT, MATSUPPORT, data from frmDATA will be stored in this table.
    - tblGROUP: has GROUPs, LEFT, RIGHT
    - tblVARIABLES: has value for combo box of LEFT, RIGHT, FINSUPPORT, MATSUPPORT.

    Again, I want when I enter LEFT1, LEFT2, RIGHT1, RIGHT2 of GROUP1 and GROUP2 in frmDATA, the value will go to tblGROUP, and for the later record, if there is a group that already has LEFT/RIGHT information, that information will be pulled out automatically.

    That's I want to do, I am not sure that I'm in the right track right now.

    Thank you.
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    I forgot to attach the picture.Click image for larger version. 

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