Hello again,

I have been set a task to create a database using some online tool that is set up for use with database like features. I am not sure it is sharepoint as I only have restricted access to certain parts of the site.

Using an online interface, I am able to create various types of databases from surveys to task managing and such but I am trying to create an issue tracking database.

The problem I have is the issue tracking database is limited in function that isnt fit for purpose. Im trying to find out whether that is due to my incompitance (probably) or that using this online system is just not viable.

I have google'd some things related to this database which points towards a sharepoint application.

Anyway, the problem is that this "issue tracker" is unable to ask questions (or give specific answers in other questions) related to the selection of other questions answers.

eg. Are you Male/Female (options are Male and Female)

If answer is Male:
Q. Do you wear a shirt to work
If answer is Female
Q. Do you wear a skirt to work

or. Are you Male/Female (options are Male and Female)

What sports clubs are you in:
If answer was male, options are: Soccer, Baseball, Hockey
If answer was female, options are: Netball, Softball, Lacross

(These are not the questions, just an example, nothing is suggested with these questions and i mean no offence to anyone for them.)

Im not even sure if its possible but im hoping someone can give me some insight as to whether I will just be wasting my time with an impossible task