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    Unanswered: Last database update time

    Database Version: DB2 V9.5 on AIX
    Single partitioned environment

    Is there any way to determine when was the database last updated ? Meaning when was any table[other than system tables] was last updated ?

    My task is to determine if the database has been used by the application from the past months? How do we accomplish this task ?

    Any help on this task will be appreciated.

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    If you do a snapshot on database, you will see counter such as:
    • Rows inserted
    • Rows updated
    • Rows deleted
    • etc

    These are cumulative since the last time the database was activated.
    M. A. Feldman
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    Thanks Mark. If I don't have the information collected for Rows inserted/updated/deleted for the past three I wouldn't know the difference.
    Is there any other way I can determine if any rows were written from the last three months without having the data for rows inserted/updated/deleted?

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    check if any of the tables have a timestamp for inserts
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