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    Hello from Gawgia

    Hello! I work in EMS as well as at a small school in Georgia. This forum has been helpful to me in the past (as a lurker) and I've decided to join the forum so I can bug experienced users with questions. I have some experience creating a website using html and css so I'm not completely hopeless!


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    Welcome to the forum Jen!

    It's always nice when self-confessed "lurkers" announce their presence! It's how the best of us all started
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    It is always good to have new folks join the forum so that we can harass them personally instead of just abusing them generically (as lurkers) !

    I had delusions of adequacy at one point in my life and thought that I wasn't hopeless... Life responded as it usually does, and things have been so much better since I gave up hope!

    Anywho, welcome to our little "database soirée" here at DBForums! We'll gleefully abuse you just like we abuse each other.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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