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    Unanswered: Embedded Word sections triggering page breaks

    I'm having a bit of a quirk going on... (MS Access 2010 - 64bit, with all SPs)

    I've created reports with certain sections that are OLE Word documents.
    (to allow additional formatting not available in Access)

    However, I'm getting intermittent page breaks after sections.
    It doesn't happen for all of them...most of them work just fine, showing no break in the final printout.

    But there are a few that for some reason, trigger a page break.

    I've looked at all the parameters for the OLEs, comparing those that work with those not
    and there is no difference at all.

    And I've looked at the formatting between them...and I'm not noting any difference either.

    Any insights from anyone??

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    OK...figured it out.

    Turns out as the page that the report is printing on has a preceding Word OLE,
    if the subsequent Word OLE is large enough to go beyond the page length (including margins)
    that it will force a page break...and start printing that next OLE in full on the following page.

    The key is to shorten the size (top to bottom) of the 2nd OLE to a point where it doesn't fall on the next page to be printed.

    Then you can either create an addtional OLE to print the rest or transfer your hidden text to another existing following OLE.

    (BTW, when using Word OLE, it will only show from the first/one page in Word...any following text on other pages won't appear in Access)

    I have a large legal doc with concatenated autofill where I needed certain formatting not available in Access, but was available in Word.
    And the length of the text was going past the limits of the Access reporting capacity.

    So I had a main report, then 3 subreports...then multiple Word OLE in each of those.

    Now the full document flows smoothly through the extent of it.

    **BTW...another tip when using Word OLE in Access 2010,
    if you don't save it immediately while in Word before closing, it might "detach" the OLE,
    thus making your format/text disappear from view in's there, you just can't see it. To workaround this intermittent bug, just make sure to save always when in the Word GUI.

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