Hello everyone,

I'm a student of accountancy and I have a class which consist in creating a database in access.

We learned the very basic of access.

My problem is:

I'm creating a BD which consists in a company which have "several banks".

So I created the several tables:

Bank, Clients, Accounts, Manager.
Relationships tables:
BAN_CLI_MAN - would associate the clients and managers in the respective bank.
CLI_MAN_ACC - would associate the accounts and the managers of the accounts in the respective client.
Its all n:n so a ternary case.

I wanted to create a form of accounts which would have the fields Clients and Manager also, which would come from CLI_MAN_ACC table updating this table with the respective info client - account - account manager. I created the form and when I tried to add any info to the fields clients or manager it give me the error in the title, but if I change the form to a new record or existing one and then come back to the one I was creating it allows me to add info into the clients and manager fields, and updating the table without any problem.

Can you guys help me solve this problem, so I can finish my database project?

Best regards,
Joo Neves