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Thread: DB design 2

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    DB design 2

    I created 2 tables:
    - 'accounts' for saving, term deposit, cheque account
    - 'loans' for personal loan, home loan, investment loan, and credit

    The 'accounts' have 'account transactions'
    The 'loans' also have 'loan transaction'.

    Is it possible 'accounts' & 'loans' have the same 'transactions' database because fields in both 'account transactions' & 'loan transaction' are the same? If yes, then how do I map the same field, ie, account no. from transactions db to 2 dbs 'accounts' & 'loans'?
    Otherwise, I will have 2 separate transactions tables but they have almost the same field name.

    Please advice. Thanks

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    Data Models from Database Answers


    Here is a Data Model for a Loan Management System that might get you thinking along the right lines :-
    Loan Management System

    and one for Loan Management Consolidation :-
    Loan Management Consolidation Data Model


    Barry in London

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