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    Unanswered: MS Access Query in SQL


    I have 25 tables in ms access database. Each of the table has single column named Email. Each of tables contains some hundreds of email ids in it.

    I want to make a report using these tables in ms access. The Report should look like below.

    Summary Report of email database

    No. of Emails from table1 = Total no. of records in table1
    NO. of Emails from table2= Total No. of records in table2.
    and so on
    No. of Emails from table 25 = Total no. of records in table25.

    Total no. of Emails in database = sum of records of each table.

    Please help me, how this can be done.
    With Regards

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    SELECT MSysObjects.Name, DCount('*',[Name]) AS TotalCount
    FROM MSysObjects
    WHERE (((MSysObjects.[Type])=6));

    I used Dcount for counting but if you want to add specific column then change it to DSUM

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    Two identical Tables in a single Database is inappropriate, why, pray tell, do you have 25?

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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