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    Unanswered: Editing a Form

    I created a form where I have the persons name, and phone number with all the survey questions and comments they people have filled out. I want to be able to edit each individual record. When I try to do that, it changed all the records to information I put in one of them.

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    More Info Needed

    You will have to provide more info. I assume, for example, that this is a form bound to a database, and that you are in the single form format. I also presume your form has "allow additions" marked "yes" in form properties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTSPEER View Post changed all the records to information I put in one of them...
    The above would seem to indicate that praxis1949 is incorrect when he said

    "this is a form bound to a database"

    The behavior you describe indicates that the Controls are, in fact, Unbound. The current data in an Unbound Control, on one Record, is the current data in that Control, for all Records! That's how Unbound Controls work! You need to Bind the Controls to Fields in a Table in order for the data to be Record-appropriate.

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    Hope this helps!

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