Hi there,

I have to read some informations about procedures and functions.

First time I tried to do it with jdbc driver (jConnect for JDBC 3.0),
ResultSet rs = meta.getProcedures(catalog,schema,null);
ResultSet rsp = meta.getProcedureColumns(catalog,schema,name,null);
but there I did not get functions, also "REMARKS" was always NULL and ReturnType of procedures was always Integer. So I am trying to receive the infos via following sql statement
"select o.id, o.name AS PROCEDURE_NAME, c.name AS COLUMN_NAME, c.status2 AS COLUMN_TYPE, t.name, t.type AS DATA_TYPE, t.usertype from sysobjects o left join syscolumns c on c.id = o.id left join systypes t on t.usertype = c.usertype where o.type = 'SF' OR o.type = 'P' OR o.type = 'XP'"
It works, but I am already missing "REMARKS" and ReturnType for procedures (for functions it works).

Anybody knows how I can get the missing infos?
Thanks a lot, greets