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    Unanswered: script to monitor database space

    hi guys,
    anyone has a linux/unix script to monitor database space data/log growth and send an alert via email if database data or log reached its threshold value lets say 90% of its original defined segment data/log usage.


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    Four years ago I set up Nagios for monitoring a Sybase ASE 12.5 dataserver in Open Solaris x86. The scripts used violated the Nagios standards for Nagios plugins, which must leave no file or temp table after their execution. I couldn't commit with that standard while monitoring some events at a reasonable cost.

    So, this totally unstandard monitoring is based on two Nagios plugins and one script running as a daemon. Using a daemon also goes against Nagios standards. is the daemon and must be configured before use. Specially, databases whose disk space is being monitored must be entered in lines 134 to 137 (MX_DV01_DB and IF_DV01_DB were two of our databases) and are the Nagios plugins. They are not totally autonomous as they rely on the text files nagios_sybase.txt (for and nagios_sybalog.txt (for where the daemon put some alert messages. Other checks are done by the plugins themselves.

    Some environment variables are not provided. I think they were set by the script batch.ksh that I must have lost.

    Hope it helps,
    Mariano Corral Herranz
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    Thanks for the help corral.

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