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    Question Unanswered: How to Connect to Two Servers from One Workstation

    Not very familiar with Informix but I have a question. We are using Informix 9 on AIX.

    We have 2 Informix servers, prod1 and prod2.

    Right now we use SetNet32 to switch from prod1 to prod2. This works.

    Problem is, we have one webserver where we would like to access both Informix servers. If this were MS SQL Server we could access either prod1 or prod2 through the DNS connection string. I understand you can't do this with Informix?

    We also downloaded the Informix Data Studio from IBM, it has a JODBC driver that lets you connect to either Informix server, prod1 or prod2, no matter what setnet says. Is there something like the JODBC driver we can set up on the webservers Data Sources?

    Hope I'm making sense.

    TL;DR: from one webserver, we would like to connect to either of two Informix servers on the fly ignoring what setnet says.

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    IBM delivers a JDBC driver either with the full server distribution, or with the CSDK which is free.

    The first version of INFORMIX CSDK including JDBC seems to be CSDK 2.90 ( available in the IBM download site.

    As a first solution, I would test on a staging server the use of CSDK 2.90 on top of IDS 9.X ( which is the exact version by the way ? )

    Why do not you condider migration to 12.10 which is pretty fast ( minimum downtime you do not use Enterprise Replication, and very reasonable downtime if you use Enterprise replication.) ?

    All your problems would be solved, and you would have many gains in performance and functionality


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