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    Unanswered: Oracle Data Load ( to (

    Hello All Gurus,

    I have a situation so just wanted to know if it is poosible to load the data from Oracle version ( to (
    My current production system is on Oracle and my new production system is on (since solaris 10 supports this). So if i have to load the data from Old to New Production Server, will it be poosible even though there is a mismatch in Oracle versions?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Ankur Pachauri

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    One way is to use Oracles export and import utilities:
    Oracle Export and Import utility tutorial | ORA Training Blog

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    No problem with export/import, as far as I can tell. You don't have to worry about version mismatch - it is still 9.2.

    Besides, Oracle is capable of moving data between different (major) versions, for example you could export data from your 9.2. and import it into 10.2.

    Generally speaking, export should be done with a EXP utility of the lowest version involved, while import should be done with a IMP utility of the target database.

    Here's some more information (including EXP - IMP version matrix).

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