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    Unanswered: need help to generate excel file through ms-access vba

    Hello all,
    Im new to this forum, need help on ms-access VBA code to generate excel file and the generated excel file should automatically go as attachment to a perticular person through outlook. details as follows

    i will enter first name,last name,id,email id in access database and vba code should generate excel file as follows
    first name: xyz,
    lastname: abc,
    id: 111111,
    email id:

    and the excel file also need to be hardcoded as follows

    name: xyz
    so totally i need 5 rows in excel and this file need to be sent a perticular person when ever i make new entry in the database.. as im new to VBA coding pls help me on above..

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    make life easy for yourself
    send the files as a comma separated value files which is a pseudo native format for spreadsheets
    OR if you must persist in creating an excel file then consider looking at the excel automation providied int he code bank, provided , IIRC by Pootleflump and others
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