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    Unanswered: Addons (Dlls) for Brilliant Database

    Hello all
    Just wondering if anyone has ever seen or heard of 3rd Party Addons (Dlls) for Brilliant Database. The help manual make reference to this ability but I am not a Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc programmer. Would be interesting if someone could experiment with this, as new features may be added without waiting for future versions. Barcoding is one area that comes to mind - can do code 39 now but code 128 requires some calculations for check sum. Another area that would be useful (for me anyway) would be reading serial ports (old technology I know) but a lot of equipment has used this for communication like GPS, scales, voltmeters etc.

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    Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc programmer.
    writing a .dll is like writing a function and compiling it to a separate DLL.
    It should work with any .dll where the API is freely available.
    Never tried but should work.

    Another area that would be useful (for me anyway) would be reading serial ports (old technology I know) but a lot of equipment has used this for communication like GPS, scales, voltmeters etc.
    COM, GPS etc. needs more as a .dll
    A .dll works only when called. But for reading the GPS or com port you would need a "catcher application" which controlls the device and a .dll who connects to the catcher. Its some more work as only a .dll

    In fact, if you need to connect com, gps, etc. it could be easier to use a full compiler (even because you need it to write the catcher...) and write everything with the compiler.

    I have learned to use C++, but its easier and faster to use Brilliant Database instead of a full compiler when you need only a database application.

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    I wrote a number of DLLs for other database products, this shouldn't be too hard to do for someone that understands the DLL strategy (model like OLE, COM, etc.) used by Brilliant and a compiled programming language that supports the BD model.

    As long as the devices are poll-able, like a GPS or voltmeter then a simple RS-232 or USB interface should work fine. It would be a very rare kind of asynchronous device that would require a Windows Service to support it.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    I haven't used any external DLL's with Brilliant Database. I'd like it if there were some available to purchase, but sadly Brilliant Database biggest let down always comes down to support.

    For talking to scales, RS232 and so on, what I use with Brilliant Database is WinWedge.
    Serial and IP Data Collection Software for Any Program | TALtech

    Talking to RS232 or any type of connection is not so straight forward as being able to receive the signal. I find that all the devices output their data at all manner of different bit rates and word lengths and so on. There's also generally a lot of data coming out that you don't want to capture so you have to filter it. This is where WinWedge shines in my opinion. No matter what I have used it with or how messed up the output was from the device I was connected to, I've always been create a filter that made WinWedge export the exact information I wanted to capture as plain text.

    It's kinda expensive though for what it is.


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    I am trying to protect my brilliant application using a usb dongle (a physical usb key), i got a full kit from an Argentinian company... and... i have to call a function inside a dll... brilliant has a wizard for that but... every single time i use it... brilliant crashes...

    - if i call the dll i just got an error "you need to use a function inside the dll" (not the exact words but kind of.)

    - but if i use the function i need inside the dll... brilliant crashes.

    any ideas?

    best regards..


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    Hi ferslash,

    I did something similar as what brilliant Database does for their serial key.

    First I get the company name that purchase the product.

    As second step, I create a process to mix and scramble the name of the company registered with the key of the product.

    Then the last step I use the funcion (text REPMl and text REPOl) to replace characters for simbols for the whole serial key.

    On the final product I create a process to reverse the scramble serial key along with a process to check if serial key is valid.If serial key is valid then product got unblocked and assign the company name to printed invoices.

    By the way, there is no way that end users can change the printed name on invoices unless they get in touch with our support team.

    The serial key looks something like: }<=!\E!|A%+UB%2G M?:332

    This method may not be the best but will work.

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    spyroot :

    thanks for your replay i with play with this possibility also.

    best regards from mexico


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