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    Unanswered: Naming convention - different environments

    If you have one environment per server (DEV - server1, SIT - server2, UAT - server3, PROD - server4) and you need to setup OS groups to have different DB2 authorities/privileges granted to them, would you include the environment in the group name?

    For example:
    read-only group: taxread (no env) or taxreadp(rod) / txreads(it) ....

    The instance, database, schema, etc... have the same name on all servers.

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    i always try to have different users, groups and also schemas (if possible).
    It often prevents that Operations are done on the wrong environment "Ooops, i deleted Data in Prod instead of Env".

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    We usually use different groups only (i.e. taxreadp, taxreadd, taxreadq etc). Then the same userid is used for all environments, having different userid's would get really confusing for our users. We keep the schema the same in each environment, however to help avoid the "oops" factor we use a different instance / database name.

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