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    Unanswered: Lookup with multiple values


    I've put a few fields in a table which are looking up values in another table, and I ticked the multiple items box in the wizard.

    This works fine if I want to enter data into the table, I get a nice little dropdown tick box. But I've also made a form to make data entry easier and these particular fields have an empty dropdown box in the form.

    Is there something else I have to do to the format of the field or the form so that the form is seeing the lookup data?



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    dont' use lookup ta\bles or the look up tables wizard.
    instead I'd suggest
    create a separate table for those 'lookup entries', nclude whatever defiens that row. say its product types, so you'd need a primary (unique) key [PK] and a description. ther PK can be numeric or alpha or alphanumeric doesnt' mater providing its unique. a PK doesn't have to be an autonumber soemtimes it makes sense to use alpha values (eg payemnt types CHQ (cheque),EFT (ElecFundsTransfer),DD(Direct Debit)

    then adda column to you other table and make it the same data type (and size if string)
    then define a RI relationship between the tow tablles with product type the 'master' and products the other.

    go to your form design and then use a combo or list box for the column and set its row source to be the product types table
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    Thanks Healdem

    I just came back on here to say don't worry, somehow I've managed to make it work, deleted a few things, and re-added them, and it's working.

    I think your advice was a bit beyond my capabilities anyway! I'm a novice!


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