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    Unanswered: Avoid double bookings in art case database


    I work across a number of small venues which have art cases that can be booked for displays. I am trying to build a simple data base to report what space is available and also what art is currently being displayed. The art is usually booked by month, but sometime it can be booked for a week etc.

    I have set up 3 tables

    Art Inventory

    Art Cases by Venue

    Art Case Bookings

    In the art case booking form, I have set up the start and end date but I cannot figure out how to avoid double bookings of a case? Once I have that worked out I believe I know how to build the required reports for my needs.

    I know there are number of other posts about this sort of database but I am self taught and get totally lost when people start posting code. I've attached a copy of my database to this thread.. if anyone could help that would be amazing!!

    thank you
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    Hi Francis. Your attachment did not include any forms so I created a form for an example. It does use VBA but I don't think that is avoidable. Before the record is saved it tests for duplicates. At this time the record will remain unsaved and with the duplicate data but that could be changed to remove the record using code.
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