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    Unanswered: Slow Performance table proxy between Sybase 11.9 and Sybase 12.5 on VMWARE


    First time for me on this great place. A great help !

    I have a weird problem with my sybase servers on Windows Server since they are on virtual machines by wmware.

    The first server is on Sybase ASE 11.9 with a base 'base_11_9' for example.
    The second on Sybase ASE 12.5 with a base 'base_12_5' for example.

    On base 'base_12_5', a local table 'local_table'.
    On base 'base_11_9', a proxy table of server 12.5/'base_12_5'/'local_table'.

    When my server were on physical machines, an insert into by the proxy table to the local table of server 12.5 was quick. 3s for example.
    Now we put the machine on wmware, the insert into is about 1m40s.

    The strange thing : If I do an insert into by a proxy table in the other way (Sybase From 12.5 To Sybase 11.9), I have a correct duration.

    During the virtualization of machines, we didn't change anything about ram, hard disk, network or configuration. Same thing about configuration of Sybase servers.

    I am little puzzled.
    With parameters 'cis packet size' for the Sybase 11.9 server and 'max network packet size' and 'additional netmem' for the Sybase 12.5 server, I managed some improvements of performance. But instead a duration of 1m40s, I can only have 1m. Very différent of 3s.

    Anybody have an idea of the problem ?
    Any tip will be great !


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    I am answering myself. It can be helpful for someone.

    Sybase with VMWARE did controls and gave this document.

    With theses recommendations, I set my Sybase servers like :
    - cis packet size : 16384 (16K)
    - max network packet size : 16384 (16K)
    - additionel network memory : 49152 (48K)

    and I have correct durations.

    Beware, don't forget to set these parameters on both servers for a correct transmission.

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