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    Unanswered: Filter listbox with combobox


    I'm prety new to access and VBA although I've maneged to build a prety simple database. I have few tabels and querys and forms.

    I have one form for employees, wich I select through listbox. When I click on a person in listbox I can then enter data about them in textbox, like Name,Surname, Address, Postal code, etc,...
    For each person I also must define if it is a regular worker, temporar worker or student and for that there are checkboxes.
    Now I would like to have a combobox where I would select lets say STUDENT and in listbox I would only see persons marked as student. Same for REGULAR and TEMPORAR. And for last there would be option ALL.

    Can please someone help me with that problem. I would really apriciate and I would be very thankfull.

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    so effectively you want to change the the contents of a listbox based on values in another list box.

    create your new list box
    provide the 4 types you want (ALL, STUDENT, REGULAR & TEMP)
    then in that list box's on click event place soem code that applies the appropriate filter

    dim WhereClause as string
    select case mylistbox.text
    case = "STUDENT"
      WhereClause = " WHERE EmploymentType = <insert whatever value you need>"
    case = "REGULAR"
      WhereClause = " WHERE EmploymentType = <insert whatever value you need>"
    Case = "TEMPORARY"
      WhereClause = " WHERE EmploymentType = <insert whatever value you need>"
      WhereClause = ""
    end case
    myotherlistbox.rowsource = "Select my, column, list from mytable " & WhereClause & " order by another,column,list"
    myotherlistbox.requery 'might be .refresh
    you'd need to replace the my listbox,myotherlistbox,my,column,list etc with your own values
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