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    Unanswered: print output using concatination & joins

    7369 is working in department 20 and his manager is FORD.

    I am trying to display above format using oracle 10g scott/tiger schema EMP table.

    i have tried with this query , but am unable display the exact ouput

    select empno ||' is working in department '|| deptno ||' and his manager is '||
    (select distinct b.ename
    from emp a,emp b
    where b.empno=a.mgr) from emp

    any modifications !!....

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    we don't know what output you expect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strikerv View Post
    [COLOR="DarkRed"]. . . E t c . . .
    any modifications !!....
    Try this:
    SELECT empno ||' is working in department '|| deptno || ' and his manager is ' ||
           (SELECT DISTINCT b.ename
              FROM emp b
             WHERE b.empno = a.mgr)
      FROM emp a
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