Ok, I can't seem to get an answer for this elsewhere I have asked, so hopefully someone can help me here or perhaps it's a bug!?

I have been doing a bunch of testing with mysql's full text boolean mode and from my testing it doesn't seem you can use the minus sign on multiple words?

I have two rows for example.. (the table has like 164 rows in total)

1,2011-12 Fleer Retro auto jordan non
2,1999 jordan non auto

If I run the following query:

PHP Code:
SELECT auction_id,`name`,description FROM auctions WHERE MATCH(`name`) AGAINST('+jordan +auto -non' IN BOOLEAN MODE); 
Both rows don't show as expected. However if I run this query:

PHP Code:
SELECT auction_id,`name`,description FROM auctions WHERE MATCH(`name`) AGAINST('+jordan +auto -"non auto"' IN BOOLEAN MODE); 
Both rows don't show (same results). Shouldn't row "1" come back?

I have already set the "ft_min_word_len" to 2, restarted MySQL and rebuilt the index as well as turned off the stop word file.

You can see a fiddle at the below URL, but you can't control the ft_min_word_len or stop word file at the site so not much point really.

SQL Fiddle

Has been tested on MySQL 5.5.25a & 5.5.31-cll.

Why isn't this working as it should? Is this a bug perhaps!?