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    Unanswered: Easy Question what version of Sybase?

    I have sybase 12.52. I installed what I thought was SBE when I do a "dataserver -v" it shows enterprise. Does anyone know why? Or is there another way to show the version?


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    Hi kornsnap,

    select @@version -- give you the version of your server

    If you want check the license on a Sybase 12.5 above, try this :
    select license_enabled("ase_server") -- give 1 if edition Enterprise Edition
    select license_enabled("ase_sbe") -- give 1 if edition Small Business Edition
    select license_enabled("ase_dev") -- give 1 if 'edition Developer Edition

    Maybe is there more name of license to test ? But I don't knwo them.

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