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    Unanswered: Emailing Reports with Graphics

    My organization is implementing a new HRIS and I have built a report that has information managers will need to facilitate their usage of the new system. The new HRIS has a whole branding initiative around it and I would like to use some of the graphics associated with the branding in my report. The problem is when I set the Output format in my send macro to Snapshot Format, it requires a snapshot viewer to open the file, which I am sure most of our managers don't have. Using the Rich Text Format does not keep the graphics on the report once it is emailed. Is there another option? I really would like to use the branding graphics, if possible. I am using Access 2003.
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    You do know that the Snapshot Viewer is a free download, easily installable and available at

    Download Snapshot Viewer for Microsoft Access from Official Microsoft Download Center

    Barring that, why not output it as a PDF File? Can't imagine anyone not having Adobe Reader on board!

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    Thanks! I understand about Snapshot. My concern is that managers won't take the extra step (however, easy) to download. I like the idea of PDF, but I didn't see that as an option in the sendobject function of Access Macros. I will do more digging.

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