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    Question How to handle user's large data

    I want to develop a web application which could have about 30000 users and each of them could have about 40000 messages. (1200000000 messages or rows in database)
    They could be able to review each of their messages every day and the time stamp of each message should be updated after each review. what is the best way to handle this amount of data?
    Is only one table suitable for this purpose? I think search and update in this table is very consuming even I use index. Are there any ways to handle this problem? Could I separate data based on its owner?

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    By database standards, the needs that you've described just barely exceed the "trivial" level of data. I'd use three tables if a message could go to groups or multiple users, otherwise two tables ought to be sufficient. Indexes will be important, so you need to understand how you will want to access and/or update your data.

    I understand that this seems like a very large problem to you and it would stress a desktop database, but it shouldn't seriously stress any of the client/server databases we discuss here at DBForums.

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    more details

    Thanks for your replay. Users in this web application sign in every day and see about 700 messages for about 20 second and for every view, the timestamp of the message should be updated. They could also add about 50 messages to their messages every day. so, about 21,000,000 update transactions and about 600000 insert transactions per day. The size of database is about 900GB.
    So, how should I design the database? Does partitioning based on username could help me (I only have one machine for running web application and database). What other things should I concern about?
    Thanks for your consideration.
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